Smart People United, Excellent quality, Advanced Technology

Smart People: Creating value for Ourselves, Organization and Society SBG aims at improving our employees to be good and smart people as expected. We develop the potentiality of our employees to be a good member of society with the concept “Promote good people for organization and society”. This is to encourage and promote the human resource from “inside-out” which means the employees will be the center of development to promote “good and smart people” to extend their ability for the society. We encourage the employees to comply with organizational culture to increase skill in management and use of their potentiality

82 Programs

Professional trainings Per Person per year

18.12 Hours

Training Per Person Per year

5.6 Million Baht

Budget for employee Potentially development

6.9 Hours

Good Activities for society per person per year

The company realizes importance of smart and good people development. We applied the King’s working principles and philosophy of sufficiency economy to make the employees become smart people prompt to create value for ourselves, organization and society. We believe that the company will sustainably grow by the important driving factor which is employees to accomplish the vision and mission targeted. Therefore, the company focuses on developing the employees at every level to be ones who have good moral and improve their skill and knowledge, including professionalism that corresponds to organizational culture to create value for ourselves, organization and society as per the master plan of smart people.