“Creating Value for Ourselves, Organization and Society”
  • Smart People
  • The development of Good People
  • The development of Smart People
  • Savings Cooperatives in Somboon Group

Somboon Group Pay attention to employees, who are considered as the most important resource in driving growth for the organization. This would help the company to grow and operate the business with efficiency and continuity. Smart people would be crucial for the business competitiveness following the business philosophy Somboon Triple Bottom Line. Employees development would play a crucial role in resolving various materiality issues especially the development of talent, future skills, as well as the continuity of management (Succession), and last but not least the development of talent as well as developing employee engagement. These are the most important factor for the company to successfully develop her technology and future business growth. This development is also an important basis in responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in all areas, especially in education development, in innovation and efficient use of resources and developing good citizenship, which would ensure the good corporate governance implementation with honesty, and transparency.

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