Mr. Sansern Wogcha-UM

Chairman of the Board

Ms. Napatsorn Kitaphanichi

Managing Director

Somboon Group has committed to sustainable business by applying the SBG triple bottom line to create “Smart People” to drive Business Trust and Growth Society.

In addition, we have accepted and comply the working principle of his majesty the king and sufficiency economy of the king Rama 9 including management with the good governances to keep the company’s business running continuously by creating value for stakeholders. It does not affect to society and environment. We are also committed to hold on to the business by transparency and to expand the anti-corruption networks to its business partners continue.

In 2017, the company has operated the business for 55 years which show that it has always been growing and has achievement by through the economic fluctuation and the strongly competition with strength, patient and will be committed to face with any problems in the future. From the business operation in previous year, this enabled the company to receive important awards from the stock exchange of Thailand including SET Sustainability Awards of honor, Honor awards on registration of sustainability, Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) and Best Investor Relation and another proud award is that we receive Gold Level Thailand HR Innovation Award 2017 which is the highest price from National production institution along with Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT) and NIDA which has the objective to develop the standard on human resource occupation in creating innovation. The company had joined the project of bilateral study in the business place with the industrial council of Thailand. This is the project by the opinion of the King Rama 9 that focused on changing behavior of students who has violence behavior and using addictive drugs. We had achieved because of creating opportunity for smart people to the society.

For the next step, the company will still continue to increase its efforts to meet the challenging goals of global sustainable development. We will support and develop the people to have the knowledges, skills and abilities that are excellent to comply with technology changes. We will promote to apply innovative applications and study the auto part production of electric vehicles and using automation system to increase more efficiency in working process. In addition, we will be creating networks with other organizations in the business chain to raise awareness responsibility by protection this planet to survive and grow respectively.

In the name of the company committee, we are pleasured to thank shareholders, people with interest, executives and all employees. Company committee will abide the business operation under the supervision and responsibility to the society so that the company would grow in a stable and sustainable way.