Mr. Sansern Wongcha-um


Ms. Napatsorn Kitaphanich

Managing Director

Last year, compaines in Somboon group had operated the business for 55 years and had always been growing and had been through the economic fluctuation with strength, perseverance and determination to solve the problems at hand.

The business operation in the past year, the company operated the work under fluctuating economy and the continuous industrial competition. However, the company can create satisfactory work result. In the year 2017, Thai vehicle industry had total vehicle production of 1.983 million cars or increased for 2.0 per cent. It was production of Pick-up trucks 1.13 million units which increased 2.0 per cent whereas agricultural machine industry increased 12 per cent from the last year. The company had total income of 8,484 million baht which was the net profit of 815 million baht.

The important factor that enabled secure and sustainable growth was the fact that the company used the working principle of his majesty the king and sufficiency economy of the king Rama 9 as the basics in the business operation and to supervise the business to be used as the operating guideline for good management by using the sustainable development policy under 3 perfect strategies creating balance including perfect people, perfect business and perfect community. This is to enable the business operation of the company to go on continuously by creating value to people with interest without affecting society and environment and to hold on to the business by transparency and the network expansion to counterpart group of the company continuously.

From the business operation in previous year, this enabled the company to receive important awards from the stock exchange of Thailand including SET Sustainability Awards of Honor, honor awards on registration of sustainability, Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) and Best Investor Relation and another proud award is that we receive Gold Level Thailand HR Innovation Award 2017 which is the highest price from National production institution along with Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT) and NIDA which has the objective to develop the standard on human resource occupation in creating innovation “to apply personnel management process by the King science to complete work management learning”. The company had joined the project of bilateral study in the business place of the industrial council of Thailand to support the education fun project” to create good people, good occupation and upgrade the occupation of the target educational institutions. This is the project by the opinion of the King Rama 9 that focused on changing behavior of students by regulation, principle, use of violence and using of drugs and creating the knowledge and ability in order to acquire good people with good occupation to the society until it is finished and to be an example to educational institution in the project to be used in making this project sustainable.

In the name of the company committee, we would like to thank shareholders, people with interest, personnel and every executives, company committee to abide by the business operation under the supervision and responsibility to the society so that the company would grow in a stable and sustainable way.