Participation channels
  • Annual shareholders meeting
  • Visit the annual
  • Company’s visits
Participation channels
  • Generate good returns.
  • Business development in the field of technology in response to the disruption of business.
  • Operating with social and environmental responsibility.
Key operations
  • Appropriate dividend payment to shareholders
  • Organization management and development for sustainable growth 
  • Business development to support changes and risks of business interruption.
Participation channels
  • Top management communicates directly with employees through a quarterly forum.
  • Annual Engagement Survey Every 2 Years We Care
  • Annual Two-Way Performance Evaluation
  • of Potential Development for Career Advancement
  • Obtaining fair compensation and benefits
  • Work with safety And have a good working environment
Key operations
  • Provide online training courses
  • Improve the work environment
  • Manage appropriate compensation during crises
Participation channels
  • Co-product development to meet consumer, social and environmental
  • needs, cooperation in the development of efficient use of resources in the process
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Annual customer policy acknowledgment meeting
  • Shared social responsibility management
  • Participating in customer club activities
  • Contact via email and online channels
  • Quality of products, prices and services meet the expectations of the customers.
  • Reduce the product impact on the environment and society.
  • Contributing to social value with customers
  • Compliance with Value Chain Guidelines and Requirements
Key operations
  • Efficient production and delivery Quality and on time
  • Research and develop products to meet expectations in the field of environmentally friendly automotive technology.
  • Conduct social activities with customers,and participation
Participation channels
  • Annual partner meeting
  • Cooperation on the development of efficient use of resources in the production process
  • Business partner audit (site visit)
  • Mutual growth in business
  • Fair procurement
  • Contribute to society
Key operations
  • Formulation and supervision of the procurement policy.
  • Effective training and development of business partners
  • Cooperation in social activities
Participation channels
  • Meetings with communities, agencies, institutions and foundations,
  • conducting a survey of community needs
  • Attendance to company-driven project meetings to achieve sustainability
  • Taxation
  • Promotion of career building and education for strengthening the community
  • Caring for the environment around the community
Key operations
  • Pay the right taxes
  • Creating projects to create careers and create educational opportunities for the community, such as hiring people with disabilities. The opening of schools for the elderly, etc.
  • , educational promotion projects such as scholarships. Bilateral projects, etc.
Participation channels
  • Monitoring of government policies from channelsvarious,
  • meetings with government agencies
  • Compliance with government regulations and laws
  • Cooperation in various projects that government agencies and government sectors
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility 
Key operations
  • Strict compliance with rules, regulations and laws 
  • To cooperate in various activities of the government sector
  • Continually support social activities with the government.
Participation channels
  • Participation in Auto Parts Manufacturers Association
  • Operate with transparency under fair trade and competition.
Key operations
  • Follow business ethics
Participation channels
  • Visiting and viewing internal and external works
  • Internship recruitment
  • Gain knowledge and real workplace experience
  • To prepare students for entering the labor market
  • Students can learn specialized knowledge and apply them in their actual work.
Key operations
  • Arrange the environment For learning and conveying to students
  • As a learning center