Need or expectation
  • Developing potential for advancement at work
  • Fair compensation and benefits
  • Work with safety and have a good working environment
  • Flexible working arrangements and caring for employees during the COVID-19.
  • Equitable treatment of employees.
  • Protection of personal information
Responsive operation
  • Provides a Competency Development Program
  • On-line training programs during the COVID-19 situation.
  • Set up welfare committee.
  • Establish a policy and the Safety, Health, and Environment Committee with both employee and employer representatives at the meeting
  • Establish a business continuity management committee. Business in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic by acting as a policy and work manuals for employees
Communication, and engagement channels
Need or expectation
  • Generating Good Returns
  • Business Development in Technology to Respond to Business Disruption
  • Environmental, Socially Responsible Operations and Good Corporate Governance ( ESG)
Responsive operation
  • Payment of dividends to shareholders appropriately.
  • Management and supervision of business with sound corporate governance principles. By applying risk management and business continuity management as the core of business operations.
  • Management and development of the organization for sustainable growth by incorporating ESG development principles into the organization's strategy.
Communication, and engagement channels
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Need or expectation
  • Efficient production and delivery quality and on time
  • Minimize product impact on the environment and create social value for customers
  • Compliance with manuals and value chain requirements.
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Product development through innovation.
Responsive operation
  • Conduct important business continuity activities such as BCP Plan, Safety Shop Floor Management
  • Research, and develop products to meet environmentally friendly automotive technology expectations. Including requesting product carbon footprint certification from the agency to confirm the accuracy of the information.
  • Conduct social activities with customers.
  • Carry out activities for business continuity.
Communication, and engagement channels
  • Product development activities to support consumer, social and environmental needs.
  • Cooperation in the development of efficient use of resources in the process.
  • Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Annual Customer Policy Acknowledgment Meeting.
  • Confidence Management Social responsibility together.
  • Participation in customer club activities.
  • Sustainability Report.
  • Company website.
  • Complaint Channel.
Need or expectation
  • Developing potential and growing business together
  • Business ethics, transparency, and equality
  • Contribute to social value
Responsive operation
  • Establish a Supplier Code of Conduct and regulate legal procurement policies.
  • Organize a supplier training and development program.
  • Assist with various measures in the situation of COVID-19
  • Treat all trading partners with equality and equality. As stated in the Code of Business Conduct
Communication, and engagement channels
Need or expectation
  • Compliance with government rules, regulations and laws
  • Cooperation in projects at government and government agencies.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
Responsive operation
  • Strict compliance with rules, regulations, and laws by implementing the ISO14001 framework
  • Cooperate in government activities. Continuously support social activities with the government, such as CSR-DIW activities.
Communication, and engagement channels
  • Monitoring of government policies from various channels.
  • Meetings with government agencies.
  • Sustainability Report.
  • Company website.
Need or expectation
  • Promoting career-building and education for strengthening the community.
  • Caring for the environment. No impact on the community
  • Help in the COVID-19 situation
Responsive operation
  • Projects to build careers and create educational opportunities for communities, such as employment with people with disabilities. Opening a school for the elderly, etc.,
  • Educational promotion projects such as scholarships. Bilateral projects are accepting students for internships, etc.
  • Implementation of EIA measures to promote CSR-DIW activities
  • Projects to help communities in COVID-19
Communication, and engagement channels
  • Dialogue and meeting with the district.
  • Field trips to explore community needs
  • Attending meetings on projects driven by the company for sustainability.
Need or expectation
  • Transparency and Disclosure
  • cooperation with the association the industry as a role model of the business Group
Responsive operation
  • Participation in the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association
Communication, and engagement channels
  • meeting with the association
  • Implementation of significant development projects together.
Need or expectation
  • Building cooperation in developing technology and personnel in the industrial sector.
  • Collaboration in sustainable development in specific areas.
Responsive operation
  • Conduct a project to build a career with educational institutions.
  • Conduct a project to create a carbon footprint calculation of products and organizations together with Thammasat University.
  • Joining the United Nations Global Compact to actively drive the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs)
Communication, and engagement channels
  • Do essential projects.
  • Attend ongoing operations meetings.
  • Participate in operations and training activities of the Institute.
  • Annual report
  • Sustainability Report
  • Company website