• Growth Society
  • Developing Community Relationship
  • Creating Educational Opportunities
  • Employment Promotion Policy for Persons with Disabilities

The company is committed to "create opportunities for strong society" to promote sustainable development and support social needs of the community. The company has established strategic social investment for the community to be consistent with business strategy, corporate budget, and the needs of the community. Additionally, the company has set an important policy guideline to encourage employees to be good people, while keeping the good deeds hours throughout the organization so that all employees volunteer to benefit the public. Also, the company has a Somboon Volunteer Group, and various projects related to the development of the community, and society. This would support the promotion of good deeds in all employees of the organization. The company focuses on building a network of educational institutions to benefit the operations of the organization and the benefits of educational agencies. In particular, the company has developed professional standards in skills and competencies specific to the automotive industry, which would sustain the knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. Additionally, the company has number of development programs for students to work in the automotive industry to meet the needs of key personnel and skills to support development towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in creating equal education and innovation development in the Thai industry.

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